Recipe for Évelina's Rappie Pie

Évelina's is sharing the award winning family recipe that made our rappie pie famous.  You can now make your own rappie pie.


Preparing The Chicken: 

In a large pot add 8 litres of water, salted shallots, black pepper, salt, and fresh raw chopped onion to taste.

Place an adult stewing hen 5 lb/2.28 kgs in the brine and boil for approximately 2.5 hours.  To determine if the chicken is cooked, hold the chicken at the end of the leg bone and lightly twist. If the bone comes off easily, cooking is complete.

Next debone the chicken and remove the fat and skin.

Dice the chicken (meat only) in 15 mm squares.


Preparing Évelina's Rappie Pie: 

In a large pot place 4 lbs/1.8 kgs of Évelina's Rappie Pie Mix.  Gradually add about 24-26 cups (4 cups at a time) of boiling broth - use the broth the chickens were cooked in.  Note: The broth must be boiling just before you start adding it to the grated potato.

Adding Broth:  Add 4 cups of broth at a time.  Stir until broth and grated potato are mixed well.  Then add the another four cups and stir. Continue until you have reached a desirable consistency.

Pour the mixture into your Rappie Pie pan until the pan is half full.  Place the diced chicken over the mixture, completely covering it. Pour the remaining mixture over the layer of chicken.  Fill the Rappie Pie pan 10 mm from the top.

Preheat oven and cook at 450°F for 2 hours or until the Rappie Pie is covered with a golden brown crust.

Note: Not all ovens cook at the same rate. Check your Rappie Pie after 45 minutes and every 10 minutes thereafter.

Serve & enjoy this traditional Acadian dish!